Call of Duty Will Remain on PlayStation for Now

Call of Duty Is Staying on PlayStation for Now

It seems that the next three entries in the Call of Duty franchise will release on PlayStation. After that, it seems like the fate of the legendary franchise will be in the hands of Microsoft. It will be very interesting to see if they decide to keep the franchise on Xbox and PC only or allow it to remain on PlayStation.

This makes sense as Microsoft did claim that they would honor existing contracts, which is the same path that they took when they bought Bethesda. Bethesda still released some exclusives for PlayStation despite being owned by Microsoft. The contract formed before purchase or not, that is still kind of funny.

This also comes with the fact that COD may not even be an annual franchise anymore. Call of Duty not being on PlayStation and not coming out every year? That seems like an alternate dimension. It is hard even to consider that a possibility.

However, that is a very real reality. Microsoft keeping one of the largest franchises on earth to themself would absolutely boost the value of the Xbox brand. Even just having them all day one on GamePass, something they will most certainly do, already adds huge value.

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Whatever the future of Call of Duty is on PlayStation, we know things will be a bit different going forward. I think Call of Duty should stop coming out annually. Let the devs take more time. Also, let them make games that aren’t Call of Duty. I think the devs would love a chance to flex their creative muscles and create something new. Activision has a host of IPs they haven’t touched in years. Let’s see some new stuff from these talented devs.