Blizzard Is Working on a Survival Game Set In ‘A Whole New Universe’

Blizzard Is Finally Working on a New IP

Blizzard Entertainment has not had an all-new game in years. Now, they have decided to put a stop to that. They are finally doing something new. They have a team working on a brand-new survival game, but they are looking for help to make it happen.

The studio has been in the business for 30 years. Through the years, they have created a multitude of gaming universes for millions of players from across the world. Now that they have a new project in the works, they are looking for people who would want to contribute to their art. 

blizzard survival game whole new universe

This requires a diverse team of developers willing to lend their voices, to listen, and to be heard,” they wrote. “That is our mission.”

We are going on a journey to a whole new universe—home to a brand-new survival game for PC and console,” they continued. “A place full of heroes we have yet to meet, stories yet to be told, and adventures yet to be lived.”

The job listings include design, engineering, and cover art roles. The individual listings give more information on what type of project the team is working on.  According to the site, the upcoming title is going to be a “new AAA survival game.” It will not be a spinoff of any already existing Blizzard game. Instead, it will be a “new IP for PC and console.” Moreover, its setting is also in “a world different from any other Blizzard has created.”

This is very big news for Blizzard’s following. The studio has been simply building on their past glories for years. Plus, this news comes out now, just a week after Microsoft announced their intention to buy Activision Blizzard. The gaming world expects the deal to be officially closed in a little over a year. When it happens, Microsoft will formally be calling the shots.

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