Among Us Adding New Scream Skins

New Cosmetics for Among Us Coming Soon

Among Us is releasing new cosmetics for players to enjoy soon. These will be cosmetics that are themed after the movie franchise Scream, as part of their celebration for the latest movie coming out in theatres.

fortnite among us gameplay

While we do know that the Ghostface cosmetic is to be one of the releases, we currently don’t know what will be part of the other skins or possible additions to player attire may be. There’s been a lot of questions when it comes to the latest additions to the huge multi-platform game, including if these will be free additions, part of the cosmetic balls like it was with the Arcane promotion, or if there is a different format that InnerSloth is considering.

However, we do know that InnerSloth has been proactive on their part to promote the latest addition, however temporary or permanent it will be, to their game. They posted a link on Twitter, letting people know to: “Sharpen your knives, our Ghostface collab is coming soon!” on the official Among Us account.

And too, as part of the promotion, they had members of the Scream cast play with Among us streamers, which they have uploaded the full video on youtube for all to enjoy, as well as a clip of the experience on Twitter.

They did not, however, showcase the new items during the video, despite the possibility. But it may have been that the items were simply not ready at the time, or that this was made far before the skins and items were created and tested. So, while disappointing, that does not hint that the Scream promotion items will take a while. It may be that it’s coming sooner than we think.

For the good news, we do know that everyone who plays Among Us will be able to obtain Ghostface and other items when they are released, so that’s something. Meaning, whether, on mobile, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X or S, no player will be left out in getting the chance on putting on their Ghostface.

Even if this may mean that player will be quickly be called the imposter nine times out of ten.