YouTube Celebrates Minecraft Historic Milestone of 1 Trillion Views

A Monumental Milestone 

Since the very first video of Minecraft was uploaded to YouTube in 2009 it has captivated creators and viewers. Today the Minecraft community is one of the largest parts of YouTube and is considered a foundation on the website. Today, YouTube has announced that Minecraft content has reached the enormous milestone of one trillion views. To applaud this, never before seen, number of views YouTube has announced how they plan to celebrate. 

In 2020, Minecraft was the top game and live game watched. Currently, the game boasts over 35,000 active creators on YouTube. These creators represent over 150 different countries within the ever growing community. It’s clear YouTube has a lot of people to celebrate, and they will be, in many ways. 

First of all, YouTube released an animated video to honor the one trillion views milestone. The video, set to the tune of “We Built This City” by Starship with lyrics replaced to fit Minecraft, features moments and creators from Minecraft history. In addition, the video titled, ‘One Trillion Minecraft Views on YouTube and Counting’, shares a reflection and thanks on some of the creators that make the community what it is. From names like Pewdiepie and CaptainSparklez to everyone in between. 

Secondly, YouTube Culture and Trends has launched a dedicated landing page for Minecraft. The page features a data visual of major trends, creators and videos, as well as written stories about the Minecraft community’s history that explores some of the creators and their impact. YouTube is also handing their Instagram page over to Minecraft YouTubers for a celebration dubbed #MinecraftMusuem 

Finally, YouTube has partnered with Minecraft to release a skinpack, available today for free, that features skins of famous Minecraft YouTubers. In addition to this, YouTube will be hosting community sweepstakes through YouTube shorts. These sweepstakes will be giving a few hundred lucky community members a special one trillion views Minecraft item. 

Here’s to one trillion views and counting. Celebrate with COG by taking a look at some of the Minecraft pieces we’ve done in the past. 

SOURCE: Press Release