Undying Gets a Loaded Holiday Update

Undying v0.3 is Full of Holiday Treats

Skystone Games and Vanimals have revealed a special holiday update for Undying. The zombie survival game is adding new locations, abilities, quests, costumes and much more this holiday season.

Undying v0.3 will feature a brand new Beach Hotel location  Here players will encounter multiple residents staying at the hotel. They must determine who they can trust and who are killers as there is a murder-mystery Angling must unravel.

The Beach Hotel will also function as a second home for Angling, which opens up the map to longer journeys. Developers have also extended the story cap from 30 days to 35 days.



Undying follows the story of Angling who has recently been infected by a zombie bite. Players must try to survive as Angling while keeping her son Cody safe. Angling must teach Cody valuable survival skills so he can survive once she turns. v0.3 also brings more skills for Cody to unlock.

Check out the holiday update details in the developer update video below.

This zombie survival game takes players on an emotional roller coaster as they scramble for limited resources to slow down Angling’s infection. While this is happening, players must also ensure Angling and Cody do not die of hunger or thirst.

In addition to the new map and skills, there are free character skins for both Angling and Cody, and the ability to bring home a pet cat. Bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more will also make the game less buggy and easier to enjoy.

Undying is available on Steam Early Access now, with the first half of the game available for players to explore. Developers plan on launching the full game sometime next year, with more updates to come before then.