Splitgate’s Latest Statistics Proves The Game Had A Massive Year

Splitgate’s Latest Statistics Proves It Had A Massive Year

Splitgate released early in 2021 to much fanfare. The game was released at a time when there was a drought in shooters and Splitgate filled the gap. Splitgate was a fun mixture of various titles, particularly Halo and Portal.

Since its release, the development team has been releasing consistent content for the title and have major plans for the upcoming year. Furthermore, the company has unveiled its End of Year Review, which proves that the company hit it big with its release.

In the last half of the year, there were some outstanding and quite unbelievable statistics. For example, over seven billion portals were spawned and 108 billion shots fired. Furthermore, approximately 163,011,470,780 meters were travelled by gamers through portals.

More importantly, fifteen million people downloaded the game in the second half of 2021 following its open beta release on consoles. As a result, the developers had to make some crucial decisions concerning the game’s final release. Server capacity and the influx of players had to be catered to. Furthermore, in that period, 1047 Games, the development team behind Splitgate, received over $100mm USD in funding.

In an effort to continue development, Splitgate has recruited talent from other major companies. Some of these companies include Tencent, Electronic Arts, Riot and 343 Studios. The goal is to make Splitgate a complete and robust title.

Finally, the developers also hinted at a ton of content coming in January. In the past, the team announced that players would be able to enjoy new maps, modes and much more in January.

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SOURCE: Press Release