Orbital Bullet Brings New Modes and More with Holiday Update

Rock Around the Tower For Christmas 

Two new game modes to play in 360 degrees. Assemble Entertainment’s rogue-like, Orbital Bullet, brings out two new game modes and more with their holiday update today. In a press release about the update, the early access game shared all of the cheery details of the update with players. 

Orbital Bullet Feature

 “Stay frosty with four new weapons to master, fresh in-game skins, and, most excitingly: new game modes including Hard Mode in the Eternity Tower, and the freshly released Endless Mode,” stated the press release. 

Orbital Bullet is an early access game that take the rogue-like formula and applies it to 360 level design. Players rotate around the level to progress. You should expect fast paced gameplay, with a range of weapons and skills to learn. Now, there is even more to explore. Going forward, today’s holiday update brings four new weapons, along with new game modes to put them to the test. The update also includes new character skins. 

Assemble Entertainment also released a trailer, showing off the update and the core gameplay elements. 

Additionally, the trailer shows off the game modes and what players can expect as they try them out. In “Endless mode” it’s all about how high the player can climb the tower that… never ends. Thus the name. Fight your way through for as long as you can before you lose. The “Eternity Tower mode” now features 100 levels of brutally difficult gameplay, testing player skills.

Orbital Bullet is currently in early access and is available on Steam. The game is currently €12.99. Yet, it is important to note that Assemble is now working with Ocean Cleanup and buying the “Save the World Edition” of Orbital Bullet for €22.99 donates 10% to the non-profit group. Players who buy this version also receive the official soundtrack of the game.