Elden Ring Has Received a New Story Trailer

The Elden Ring Story Trailer Shows off a Devastated World

The Elden Ring story trailer is exactly what you would expect from a FromSoftware title at this point. Everyone is dead, dying, and/or miserable as the world is falling apart. Let me be clear here; this is not a bad thing. I could not possibly be more excited for Elden Ring than I am right now.

The trailer does provide some nice background information on what you can expect when you start up the game. There was a war. The Elden Ring was shattered, and no one knows who did it or why. The Demigods end up going to war, and most, if not all, end up dying from it as nobody wins.

The Elden Ring story trailer is a good story trailer that shows off a bit of the world and lore, but I was already on the hype train. To be honest, I joined the hype train as soon as Elden Ring was announced. I have no need for these trailers anymore, and I could do without them as I like to go into a game as blind as possible, especially when that game is by FromSoftware.

Transported to ages long ago, you will relive the Shattering, a war that brought darkness to the Lands Between, initiated by demigods’ hunger for power. You’ll fight alongside General Radahn and Malenia the Severed, but even these two undefeatable warriors couldn’t reunite a world so badly broken.

The only hope now lies in a new Elden Lord that will hopefully rise and put an end to the darkness. It sounds like a fantastic premise, but this is a souls-like. What is going to matter in the end is just how well it plays. Personally, I don’t have any worries on that front. FromSoftware have proven themselves over the years, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Source: Press Release