DNF Duel Official Trailer Released Showing Off More Cool Animation

DNF Duel Official Trailer Released Showing Off More Cool Animation

Over the past few weeks, DNF Duel has been a staple in the industry. Nexon, a major video game publisher, has consistently released content and information about the game. DNF Duel entered its open beta phase yesterday on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Therefore, fans have been given the opportunity to experience DNF Duel ahead of its official release. Furthermore, today, the company has unveiled the game’s official trailer. The trailer shows off some fast paced action animations. DNF Duel is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC in summer of next year.

Also, the game’s official trailer is fast-paced and hectic. Moreover, it switches from scene to scene while showing off animations, combat and more. Many of the skills of the characters are shown off.

DNF Duel hits the nostalgic effect on gamers as Dungeon and Fighter Online returns as 2.5D fighting action game. Players can choose from up to ten different characters. Each character has its own unique personalities, skills and differences. Players must use tactics and more to defeat their opponents in battle.

Thus far, the confirmed playable characters include the Berserker, Grappler, Hitman, Striker, Ranger, Inquisitor, Vanguard, Dragon Knight, Crusader and Kunoichi. Due to the franchise’s history, DNF Duel also features almost sixteen years of lore and worldbuilding.

Additionally, recently, Nexon has shown off the game’s multiplayer modes and elements. The company has confirmed that DNF Duel will feature a rollback net-code and smooth multiplayer experience. Players will be able to fight against their friends with exclusive servers and the PlayStation network.

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