Nexon’s DNF Duel Latest Trailer Highlights The Fearless Berserker

Nexon’s DNF Duel Latest Trailer Highlights The Fearless Berserker 

Nexon is a major video game publisher that has worked with many companies. The publisher has released titles such as Maplestory, Sudden Attack, FIFA Online 4, and Dungeon Fighter Online. Nexon is now working with Neople, Arc System Works, and Eighting to release a trailer for DNF Duel. DNF Duel is a dungeon-fighter-based fighting game. The Dungeon and Fighter franchise is back as a 2.5D fighting game!

On the trailer, Nexon stated, “The Berserker overpowers his foes with the energy of his own lifeblood…Watch and enjoy the play video of the frenzied zanbato-wielding warrior!” This class is set to be one of many classes playable by fans. Other classes include the Inquisitor, Striker, Grappler and Ranger. Judging from the trailer, fans are in for a treat with the Berserker.

The official trailer for DNF Duel highlighted various classes, skills, weapons, and more along with the game’s art-style. The short introduction left fans wanting more.

The forty-second Berserker trailer began by showing off the character along with his massive, red sword. The trailer hops right into the action as Berserker unleashes mayhem on his enemies and uses a red dragon to finish off his enemies. From the short trailer, the Berserker seems to be a fun class with a lot of potential in gameplay and art-style.

Finally, fans are going to have to wait for little bit as Nexon and the developers are yet to confirm the release date and official platforms for the release of DNF Duel.

What are your thoughts on DNF Duel? Are you a fan of the Dungeon and Fighter franchise? What did you think about the Berserker class? Are you interested in DNF Duel? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.