Activision Comes Under Fire From Members of Call of Duty eSports Scene

Activision Comes Under Fire From Members of Call of Duty eSports Scene

Two years ago, the Call of Duty eSports scene saw a serious change in its style. With the formation of the Call of Duty League, there were now twelve teams with four players each competing at the highest level. It can be compared to the NFL, MLB and NBA. The franchise system was critiqued back then and with poor support today, members of the community have criticized Activision for its handling of the League. Nadeshot, Clayster, Simp, Scump and other veterans are concerned for its future.

In a Tweet yesterday, Nadeshot stated, “I went to our board of directors pleading for us to get back into competitive Call of Duty. I said let’s spend the money, let’s give our community what they’re asking for, just trust me and I’ll make sure LA Thieves is a success. Two years later, I guess I’m the fool.”

Nadeshot, who owns Los Angeles Thieves, invested approximately $25 million USD to enter the league. The same applies to all other league owners. There was much discussion yesterday as to why the League doesn’t work, including Call of Duty Vanguard’s anti-competitive design.

Furthermore, some pros felt like the personalities in the community needed to do more. Clayster, one of the most iconic players, disagreed with this stance, stating, “I don’t rly get involved anymore but trying to shift the blame of a failing ecosystem on the players is absolutely comedy.”

It is now imperative that Activision steps up and provides assistance for the League. Many fear that within two years the league may collapse.

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