Girls Who Code Cuts Ties With Activision Blizzard, Ending Partnership

The Non-profit Advocacy Organization Doesn’t Want a Part of the Toxic Work Environment

In the latest news of those who are against Activision Blizzard’s current workplace environment, Girls Who Code has decided to step back and sever ties with the gaming company. For those who are familiar with the idea of the group, does make sense. If anything, it’s surprising that the ties were not cut sooner. Girls Who Code is a non-profit advocacy group for women, with the aim of having more women in the computer science industry. In the released statement about the matter, Girls Who Code was well worded and to the point, supporting those who have spoken out about the ongoing allegations, and not wanting to be part of the toxic workplace environment.

activision blizzard female co-head steps down

“The news about Activision proves that our priorities are fundamentally misaligned. We cannot in good conscience continue to work with a company that is so antithetical to our own values.” Girls Who Code said in a released statement. “Our priority has and always will be to stand up for women and other underrepresented groups in tech and ensure that they are given the support and stability they need to actively thrive as they pursue a career in computer science.”

This isn’t to say that Girls Who Code isn’t aware of the shortcomings of various companies in the technology and gaming industry. In fact, it usually tries to work with companies in order to find solutions for answers when it comes to their discrimination, and harassment problems. But according to the advocacy group, “there is a line, and the allegations made against Activision have crossed that line.”

This is all for the best, as Girls Who Code has hosted an immersion program during the Summer to introduce girls in high school to find network contacts and job exposure, with Blizzard being part of the program since 2018. Thankfully, Girls Who Code is going to be more than okay without Blizzard: some of its 2021 partners have included big corporations such as  Apple, Logitech, Humble Bundle, Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Riot Games, Microsoft, among many others.

This is only the latest possible blow for Activision Blizzard. There may be more to come in the near future.