Dead by Daylight Leaks Raises the Conjuring Hopes

Nothing Confirmed, but Leaks Raise Hope for a Conjuring Crossover 

Dead by Daylight has had some great and interesting horror genre cross-overs since its release. There’s been Hellraiser, Stranger things, (which will be removed from the store by November 17th if you still haven’t downloaded your Stranger Things purchases from the Dead by Daylight store!) along with Halloween’s Michael Myers, among others. They also have their own interesting array of original characters by the franchise. But there’s always the desire to play a new iconic character if possible, whether it is as a survivor or a killer. No one can be blamed for wanting to play from their favorite horror movie or series.

Dead by Daylight Killer

This is why it’s exciting to hear about the latest Dead by Daylight leaks. There are two parts in particular that may spike interest, or rather two Chapters that may stir player and fan interest. Chapter 22, though we don’t know what it entails just yet, is called Crow’s Nest. With the general title, there could be many possibilities for what the Chapter will entail, including if or if not it will include new characters of original make or not. Chapter 23, however, we do know it is based on the Conjuring movie series. We don’t know, however, what characters may be brought in as either killers or survivors, as there is a wide selection of characters that could be either, thanks to the Conjuring following a pair of fictionized supernatural investigators. And because of that, we can only guess what may be coming for The Conjuring DLC. Either the Crooked Man or the Nun would be delightfully terrifying killers for the game, whether they are played or being run away from. But nothing has been confirmed, nor has been denied for the details.

Behaviour Interactive, the creators of Dead by Daylight, has confirmed that there are Leaks but haven’t confirmed or denied what we will be seeing. We will have to wait and see what news will be released and confirmed for certain.

For those wanting to play, Dead by Daylight is out on PC, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.