A Battle Royale Mode Is Coming to the Puzzle Game Superliminal

A Battle Royale Puzzle Game

Superliminal, the puzzle game where you move objects around and play with perspective, has gotten a battle royale mode. I must admit, I’ve never seen a puzzle-based battle royale. The closest would be Fall Guys, but that is quite a bit different than what is going on here.

Yes, Pillow Castle Games is celebrating Superliminal’s one-year anniversary by adding a battle royale mode. The battle royale mode comes in a free update and is currently set to be a limited-time event that will last through the holidays. It loses some points for being a battle royale but gains them back for being creative with the genre.

You might just be wondering just how a battle royale works in a puzzle game. Well, it works by having 12 people compete to solve puzzles. Players are dropped into randomly generated rooms and must race to solve puzzles to get to the exit. Honestly, if you are into Superliminal, this sounds like just an excuse to play more and solve more crazy puzzles. That certainly isn’t a bad thing, as Superliminal does happen to be one of the best puzzle games around.

If you don’t have Superliminal, but this sounds like something you would enjoy, then you are in luck! To celebrate being one year old, Superliminal will be 50% off on Steam bringing the price down to $9.99.

If you haven’t played Superliminal, then I can recommend the single-player, and I must admit the multiplayer has at least piqued my curiosity. I’m not a fan of battle royales anymore, but the devs here just made it to have some fun. They had a fun idea, and they just wanted to run with it and more power to them for it. I don’t think I’ll jump in and play it as I am not great at puzzle games and I don’t need other people racing against me to show just how bad I am and puzzle games. Still, I think it will offer some fun to those who enjoy a more competitive environment.

Source: Press Release