Square Enix Devs Give Update on Final Fantasy XVI Progress

Majority of Quest Writing in Game Complete, Should Release Relatively Soon

Although the next game in the main Final Fantasy series was not presented in the recent Tokyo Game Show, producer Naoki Yoshida did provide a minor update to the current state of Final Fantasy XVI.  Although the details were very minor, it does look like the game is shaping up to be released in the next two years.

Final Fantasy XVI

Naoki Yoshida was the director and producer of Final Fantasy XVI: A Realm Reborn, as well as a current producer of Final Fantasy XVI.  Last year, it was revealed that Final Fantasy XVI was in development and was set to be released on the PS5.  However, a year later, in one of the biggest showcases of Japanese games, the Tokyo Game Show, many other Final Fantasy games – such as Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, which just received a release date today.

In an announcement today in the Tokyo Game Show, Yoshida announced that the main quest for Final Fantasy XVI is complete, with side quests still in development, but nearly complete.  In addition, the character models would need to be enhanced a bit, but were also nearly finished.  Thus, it seems like the latest release date would be sometime in 2023, with a 2022 release if lucky.

In addition, Final Fantasy XVI will be a timed exclusive for the PS5.  On the Australian PS5 page, the game description includes the phrase “*Not available on other consoles for a limited time.”

What do you think of the news for the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI game? Are you excited for a trailer or more details to be released now that it’s confirmed that a good portion of the game has been finished? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.