Capcom’s President Wants to Change Company’s Focus to PC

Amid Tokyo Game Show, Capcom Signals Major Company Focus Shift

In a recent interview, Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto has stated that a recent shift in perspective will lead him to focus his company’s focus to PCs as a platform.  As Capcom has had a long history of neglecting PC ports – such as with the Monster Hunter series and Devil May Cry 5, the news is welcome.

Capcom Cup

However, it looks like this may be coming to a change soon, as per a recent interview with Capcom’s president.  In the interview, Tsujimoto stated that he wanted Capcom’s games to be “”mainly for personal computers.”  In fact, he even gave a commitment to the company shift: by 2022, he wanted Capcom to increase its PC sales to 50% of the total company sales.  The reason for this sudden shift?  Apparently, the last year in the pandemic forced Capcom to reevaluate its stance on PCs as a mode of gaming.  With the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise coming out soon, Tsujimoto claimed that the PC port would signal Capcom’s shift to a PC-focused company.  One can only hope that Capcom will focus more on their PC ports – Devil May Cry 5 doesn’t even have ray tracing, compared to the console versions.

In addition, President Tsujimoto signaled a willingness to focus on previously released works.  Using Resident Evil 7 as a successful example of a game that is still selling well each year despite being released in 2017, he said that Capcom would increase its marketing of past games.  In addition, with the recent success of Resident Evil Remakes, it is possible that Capcom may even remake other franchises.

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