Konami Release Apologetic Statement Following eFootball’s Poor Launch

eFootball’s Publishers Konami Released An Apologetic Statement Yesterday Following The Game’s Poor Launch

Pro Evolution Soccer, alongside the FIFA franchise, are the two staples for football simulators in the video game industry. In July, Konami announced that Pro Evoution Soccer would become eFootball and would be free to play. It would also release on next-gen consoles with a ton of new capabilities and technology. The warning signs were there early on and upon its release, most came to the conclusion that the game was a mess. To the disappointment of many loyal fans, Konami’s release simply didn’t hit the expected standards. As a result, via eFootball’s official Twitter, the company released an apologetic statement.\

In its statement, the company noted the feedback and criticisms received following its disastrous launch on issues such as defence operation, pass speed, cut-scenes, facial expressions, behavior of the ball and more. It continued as the company apologized for the issues and promised to continue to make improvements, including consistent content. It is to be noted that there is a potential update coming in October, based on feedback and potential information later on.

eFootball has given football fans memes across the internet, as the odd graphics, which goes against the history of the series, has led to some pretty funny player interpretations.

eFootball 2022 released for free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC via Steam and mobile devices. The game offered cross-platform capabilities across all devices and promised cutting edge graphics and gameplay on the latest next-gen consoles. Although free-to-play, the game offers microtransaction packs and other content for players to purchase. Unfortunately, it appears that Konami failed to deliver.

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