Jahara Jade’s Spectacular Cosplay Adds a Shine To These Characters

Jahara Jade Cosplay Feature

Welcome back cosplay fans! Another weekend has come and gone but before it truly ends, let’s take some time to appreciate a true beauty queen, anime lover and Twitch streamer. Jahara Jade is absolutely stunning and she does a fantastic job of representing the characters she’s bringing to life and especially so for POC cosplayers and fans. Scroll on through to see some of the amazing work she’s done and our personal favourites.

Starting off with some of the classic Sailor Soldiers from Sailor Moon.

Jahara Jayde

Sailor Mars – Rei Hino

Jahara Jayde

Sailor Neptune – Michiru Kaiou

Jahara Jayde

Sailor Pluto – Setsuna Meiou

Jahara Jayde

Sailor Jupiter – Makoto Kino

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