Twitch Streamer’s Sensational Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay Goes Viral

STPeach’s Cammy Cosplay is Awesome

Twitch streamer ‘STPeach’ made some news this week with her stunning Street Fighter Cammy cosplay. Her cosplay went viral on TikTok and there has been some buzz about it ever since.

One quick look at her cosplay and you can see why:

Street Fighter Cosplay
She blasted her video over TikTok, Instagram, and her own personal stream. Her fans went absolutely nuts.

STPeach has a huge social media and Twitch following, so it’s no surprise the video and images got a ton of attention. She nails this costume and she looks absolutely stunning in it.

street fighter cosplay

She nails everything right down to Cammy’s braided hair, to her red beret, and to her green sleeveless turtleneck. It’s perfect!

The video is amazing and you can see it on PAGE 2