Dota 2’s The International Is Officially Kicking Off Once Again

Dota 2’s The International 2021 eSports Tournament Is Ready To Go Once Again

The eSports scene took an unfortunate hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic which ravaged many industries, especially those with large gatherings. However, eSports with its meteoric rise across many games was able to find the easiest work around which was keeping it online. However, LAN tournaments are true competitive environments and The International 2021 has officially returned to LAN. The International 2021 will kick off today as the best teams in the world vie for the forty (40) million dollar prize pool.

New Dota 2 Heroes

Recently, many fans of the Dota 2 community were saddened by the announcement that due to the spike in Covid-19 cases in Bucharest, The International 2021 would go one as a LAN tournament, but fans would not be allowed in the arena. This move was done to protect the staff, players and potential fans.

Today, the groups are set and eighteen qualified teams are ready to claim the Aegis of Champions. The International 2021 will feature broadcasts in five languages, a cheering system and improved Twitch integration. These new measures were certainly implemented to ease fans into the virtual world that has strived since the pandemic.

The DPC website provides the easiest avenue for players to view the stream and fans who missed any matches can easily re-watch them. In light of the lack of fans at the event, the cheering system allows fans on the platform to let their voices be heard. The sum of all cheers for each team will appear on screen along with crowd roars.

Furthermore, the hosts have teamed up with bukka and SUNSfan to assist with Twitch integration for a convenient viewing experience.

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