Zombie Killing Action Out Now in World War Z: Aftermath

Even More Zombie Action

World War Z: Aftermath is out now for PC, PS4, and the Xbox One, with a PS5 and Xbox Series X version coming next year. World War Z: Aftermath is available now for $39.99, or $19.99 if you are upgrading from the original World War Z. You can also get World War Z: Aftermath Delux Edition, featuring two bonus melee weapons — the Sledgehammer and Dual Cleavers — as well as the ornate Explorer Weapon Skins Pack, for $49.99.

Here are some key features:

  • New Ways to Fight: Experience the heart-pounding immersion of Aftermath’s optional first-person mode and decimate the undead with a brutal new melee system featuring two-handed and dual-wield weapons like the sickle, cleaver, fire axe, and sledgehammer.
  • New Battles from a World at War: Fend for your life and make a stand against the swarm in two thrilling new story episodes — take back Vatican City in an epic confrontation in Rome, and join forces with survivors in Russia’s snowbound Kamchatka region.
  • Deep Hero Progression: Level up eight unique classes, each with their own perks, including the new Vanguard class, armed with an electrified shield that plows through hordes with devastating efficiency. Customize your weapons and conquer new daily missions with special modifiers for bonus rewards.
  • The Complete World War Z Experience: Aftermath includes all content from World War Z: Game of the Year Edition, including full episodes in New York, Moscow, Marseille, Jerusalem and Tokyo.
  • Play With Friends Anywhere: Aftermath supports up to four-player co-op with full cross-play between consoles and PC, including the Epic Games Store and Steam.
  • The Next Generation of Zombie Action: Play in glorious 4K|60 FPS on next-gen systems. Endure hundreds more zombies on screen than ever before possible in the new Horde Mode XL, coming exclusively to PC, PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S in a free post-launch update.

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I played a little bit of World War Z and I enjoyed what I played. It wasn’t the greatest game I’ve ever played, but it was entertaining enough to go through the campaign. World War Z: Aftermath is certainly worth a look.

Source: Press Release