Beyond Contact Is Out Now on Steam in Early Access

Space Survival Scenario

Beyond Contact is a new survival game inspired by the art of science fiction comics and the moral dilemmas of science fiction films. You are trying to save the planet’s inhabitants as you keep yourself alive. Beyond Contact is out now on Steam in Early Access.

I do love the comic book cutscenes they show off. I want more of that.

Here are the key features:

  • Play Your Way: Beyond Contact offers Campaign and Endless game modes for both solo and cooperative multiplayer experiences.
  • Dynamic 3D Engine: A dynamically diverse, robustly detailed, and unquestionably deadly world, powered by Unity engine, with direct support from Unity.
  • Science Fiction Setting: Utilize your Space Corps-issued equipment, weapons, and AtmoSuits to explore the diverse alien environments, discover extraordinary creatures and unusual plants, and eventually come face to face with the ancient civilization of Ketern.
  • Robust Research and Crafting: Scan, collect, mine, and scavenge the planet’s exotic materials while utilizing the deep and rewarding research and crafting system to survive and thrive on the dying planet while taking on its often aggressive inhabitants.
  • Intuitive Base Building and Power Grid System: Build, expand, and defend your base of operations while pushing the unique power grid system to its limits.
  • Narrative Driven Quests and Factional Alien NPCs: Collaborate with alien civilizations, discover previously unknown technology, and uncover the truth of the planet’s demise along your journey to help the locals.

Here is what Chris Mosley, CEO of Playcorp, had to say on Beyond Contact:

“Beyond Contact is an optimistic vision of the future. It imagines humanity thriving and even helping other species to survive, because diversity is the key to thriving. Tying together a survival game and story presented many unique design challenges, some ongoing. Integrating all of this into a co-op multiplayer experience where players must work with each other is the next big challenge as we go into a full release early next year. We now have a platform that we can use to realize all our dreams for the game as we continue to fill out and expand the world of Beyond Contact and Space Corps.”

Watching the trailer and looking at some images, I can safely say I do love the art style. I can’t say this is a game I’m eager to check out. I don’t care much for survival games at the best of times, but I do appreciate the art style, and it looks like a solid title if you are into survival games.

Source: Press Release