The Switch’s Latest Update Brings Bluetooth Pairing Functions

The Switch Won’t Stop

The Nintendo Switch has taken the world by storm ever since its launch in 2017, with Switch games dominating the Japanese market even now, four years after the console’s launch. With the ability to be played as either a traditional home console or in a handheld configuration, the Switch is probably the most versatile current-generation console – and today’s software update has brought it even more functionality.

nintendo switch us price cut

The update, launched earlier today, brought a long-sought after feature to the Switch: The ability to use the console’s Bluetooth functionality to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output. While Bluetooth devices like the JoyCon controllers have always been able to connect, audio output devices haven’t been usable with the Switch until now.

However, there are a few limitations to the feature: you won’t be able to use more than two controllers while your Bluetooth audio device is connected to the console, the device will disconnect automatically when entering local wireless games and during other local communications, and Bluetooth microphones are still not supported. Of course, as with any Bluetooth device, there can also be some audio latency between the console and the device.

Switch Pro

This update comes just as Nintendo have made a fairly controversial decision with regards to the Switch: The trade price of the base Switch console has been lowered in Europe and the UK – from €329.99 to €269.99 in Europe and from £279.99 to £259.99 in the UK – likely as part of Nintendo’s plans to release the upcoming OLED Switch models. However, a similar price drop is not planned to occur in the United States: “The trade price adjustment is for the European region only. There are no plans to change the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for any Nintendo Switch model in the US.” said a Nintendo spokesperson.

The Switch is still going strong even this long after its release, and it’s showing no signs of stopping – especially given the upcoming OLED model!