European Base Switch Model Gets a Permanent Price Cut

Price Cuts Are Great

Just a month before the new OLED model Nintendo Switch is set to launch, Nintendo has permanently lowered the price of the base model across Europe. Hopefully, this is something they do everywhere else as well.

The base model was originally listed in the UK and mainland Europe for £279.99/€329.99. The new price is £259.99 for the UK and €299.99 everywhere else in Europe.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED model comes with a few upgrades. It has a larger 7-inch OLED screen, a wider adjustable base stand, enhanced audio features, 64GB of internal storage, and a LAN port on the dock. As someone who is using a year 1 Switch, I have this pre-ordered for better battery life and the OLED screen. The enhanced audio features might be nice, but I’ll have to hear it for myself.

This new OLED model is going for $349.99 USD / £309.99. Unless you pre-ordered at Walmart. I have the blue and red OLED pre-ordered, and they cut the price to $300, matching the original Switch price. I’m not sure why they did this, but it sure came as a welcome surprise to me. I wish I was getting the white one, but I’m just happy to have it pre-ordered and I won’t complain. Much.

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Hopefully, this price cut will become permanent around the world. If the OLED model will be more expensive and not replace the original model, then the original model should be cheaper. That will make it more enticing for people who play mostly docked and don’t care about the OLED screen. Its also Nintendo so I’m pretty sure most people aren’t going to buy a new model for a LAN port that should have been on the original Switch anyway.

The new OLED Nintendo Switch is set to launch on October 8.

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