Rocksmith Plus Isn’t Making the Summer Release Date

Guitar Learning Delayed

Rocksmith Plus is getting delayed as the devs decide to put some more time into it to make it a better service. This extra time will allow them to incorporate some user feedback they received in the closed beta back in June and July.

Lead producer Arthur von Nagel doesn’t have a new date just yet. They will be working to improve the song library, audio inputs, and note detection, progression and education, UI search, and content discoverability. It seems like a delay was the best choice here.

When talking about the library, “we’re committed to offering over 5,000 songs,” Von Nagel writes. That is a good number of songs that should have something for everyone.

Arthur von Nagel had this to say on the delay:

“We understand that this delay is disappointing. Every Rocksmith Plus player deserves to easily find the music you care about, to feel a sense of growth and mastery over your instrument, and to trust that the notes you play are heard fairly and accurately.”

As someone who loves music, I’m genuinely very curious about this service. I would love to learn to play guitar, and this sounds like it has a chance to be a great service to at least learn the basics and a few songs.

I have some questions about how much it teaches music versus just select songs. I’m not sure how good it will be for learning the basics of guitar, but it is something I’m going to be keeping an eye on and at least check out for a month. It is pretty pricey if you are going to use it long-term, but it isn’t bad if you just want to try it out.

Rocksmith Plus will be a subscription-based service, with Ubisoft offering $14.99, $39.99, and $99.99 plans for monthly, three months, and annual subscriptions.