Microsoft Is Giving Away a Far Cry 6 Inspired Xbox Series X

Is That a Bomb? A Jetpack?

Microsoft is giving away a custom Xbox Series X inspired by Far Cry 6 and it looks amazing. I’m not even a huge Far Cry fan, I just like the very unique look of the console.

This thing doesn’t even look like an Xbox Series X. It looks like an electrical box that is wired up to be a bomb. I like it. The matching controller is also pretty slick, but it loses points for not looking like a bomb.

Diego and Anton

The console also comes with a digital copy of Far Cry 6 and some unidentified Far Cry swag. Microsoft is going all out on this giveaway it also comes with a Samsung NEO OLED TV. Basically, they are giving away everything you need to sit down and play some video games.

My only real question now is why on earth it comes with all of this stuff, but only includes a digital copy of the game. As someone who pretty much exclusively owns digital games I don’t care, it just seems odd to have all this physical stuff but go with a digital copy of the game.

To enter this giveaway, you’ll have to be a registered Microsoft Rewards member residing in the U.S. Canada, UK, France, or Germany. You can enter on your Xbox dashboard or here.

This is a nice giveaway. It comes with a ton of great stuff and the Xbox Series X is genuinely a unique item that I actually quite like the look of despite not caring much for Far Cry at all. If you can, you might as well sign up and see if you can’t get lucky enough to win.

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