Culinary Adventure Game Epic Chef Serves up a November Release Date

Cooked to Perfection

Team17’s reputation for cooking games may bring to mind the Overcooked series, but they are working on a different kind of culinary experience. Epic Chef is a more well-rounded life as a chef, whereas Overcooked is a more frantic, arcade-style of game.

The new trailer for Epic Chef serves as a kind of tourism ad for the island of Ambrosia, where the game takes place. It highlights all the things the island has to offer in addition to the main course, which is food, of course.

Epic Chef

There are several staples of life-sim games, like fishing opportunities and a lively town of people. There is also a wilder side of Ambrosia with pirates, mages, and corrupt guards. You will encounter creatures from which you can harvest ingredients and some of those include dragons and unicorns. Who knows what other beasts you will find during your visit to Ambrosia? The trailer also hints at a relationship-building element, where you can choose a partner, or maybe it’s story related.

The first trailer for Epic Chef gave us a look at the culinary battles that the meat of the game will focus on, on Zest’s journey to becoming a master of cooking. At first, it was only announced for PC, but Epic Chef has since expanded its list of supporting platforms.

For those of you looking for a game with a silly, over the top cooking story, Epic Chef is coming out on November 11th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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