Confirmation of Sonic Colors: Ultimate Glitches on Official Switch Hardware

Handling of Wii Remaster, Switch Port Botched

There has been negative and buggy footage of Sonic Colors Ultimate circulating online – albeit with the nature of the hardware dubious.  Now, there has been confirmation by early reviewer Nintendo World Report that the bugs can be replicated on real hardware.  

Sonic Colors Ultimate is a remaster of the original Wii version released in 2010 which received great critical acclaim.  As the game is a Switch port of a more than a decade old game, it was surprising to see the multitude of bugs that the port brought.  Although some of the footage was revealed to be captured using Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator, Nintendo World Report recently revealed that they were able to replicate the glitches circulating online.

When the footage of Sonic Colors Ultimate starts with the warning “This video contains rapidly flashing lights in different colors. Viewer discretion is advised,” that spells major trouble for the port’s release.  As you can see in the video, there are a multitude of visual glitches and bugs that are extremely detrimental to a player’s experience.  

Following official confirmation of the bugs, Katie Chrzanowski, Sega’s social media manager for Sonic the Hedgehog, released a quick statement to assuage players’ concerns: “Hey everyone! Appreciate all your feedback on Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and the teams are listening and assessing for an upcoming patch. Thank you all for your patience as we dig into this!”  

It seems like all the issues there are known will be fixed in a future patch.  However, it still is pretty unbelievable that a Wii port to Switch would be bungled so badly.  

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