Xbox’s inXile Is Reportedly Working on Steampunk RPG Game

Another Win For Gamepass

Wasteland 3’s studio inXile is reportedly currently working on an unannounced steampunk RPG codenamed “Project Cobalt”. The report comes in line with previous hints by the inXile, and comes from Windows Central’s Jez Corden.


Jez Corden during the latest “Xbox Two” podcast discusses what he knows about the new unannounced inXile game. He is certain the project is codenamed “Project Cobalt”, he says that it is supposedly a steampunk RPG game, and only suspects that it will be in first-person.

The report comes in line with what the Xbox studio has previously teased in a tweet last May, confirming they are in fact working on a new IP for an RPG. The rest so far is speculation and unconfirmed rumors.

According to the same source, the studio is still unsure of when the game could be released, meaning that it could still be years ahead. Corden later remarks that he knows more about the unannounced project, but chooses to withhold. 

inXile is a video game developer founded in October of 2002 and was later bought by Microsoft in 2018 to become part of Xbox Studios. The studio is behind beloved games such as the Wasteland series and The Bard’s Tale 4.