Spelunky and Spelunky 2 Releases For Nintendo Switch Today

Classic Indie Platformer Roguelikes Out for Switch Today

One of the most influential games ever released, Spelunky, as well as its sequel, Spelunky 2, have released on the Switch today.  Highly critically acclaimed, Spelunky has come to shape the roguelike and roguelite genres over the course of its roughly a decade life span. 

Spelunky 2 

Although Spelunky has been released on a handheld device before – the PS Vita, this is the first time that its sequel, Spelunky 2, will release on a handheld device.  Previously, Spelunky 2 was only available for the PC and Playstation systems until now.  

Spelunky and Spelunky 2 are both 2d platformer roguelikes, where the main gameplay objective is to explore the underground, fight enemies, and collect items.  As the game is a roguelike, if you lose all your health, you will have to start from the beginning of the game with minimal meta-progression.  This means that any items or progression that you may have achieved in a run are wiped upon death.  

As with many other indie games, Spelunky and its successor seem like a near perfect fit for the handheld controls and portable device.  Spelunky will support wireless local coop for up to four players, while Spelunky 2 will feature both local and online coop.  

It’s surprising that Spelunky has taken so long to arrive on the Switch.  Since the source code of Spelunky was released soon after the original game’s release, the game has been ported to most major game platforms – from the browser port titled Spelunky HTML5 to an unofficial Mac port.  

You can pick up Spelunky on the Nintendo Switch Store for $10, while Spelunky 2 will cost $20. 

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