Details Behind Guacamelee Dev’s Latest Game Revealed

Game Promises An Innovative 2D Action RPG Experience

Drinkbox Studios, or the developers of brawler metroidvania hit Guacamelee!, have just revealed more details about their latest game, “Nobody Saves the World.”  The game’s latest trailer was unveiled during gamescom and promises some innovative top down gameplay.

As an action rpg, the main focus of Nobody Saves the World is to save the world by finishing quests.  What separates the game from other similar action rpgs, however, is the diverse and unique class system.  And I really mean unique: you have the option of switching to creatures such as a horse, mouse, or even an egg.  There seems to be no end to the variety of classes: the game teases the ability to play a ghost, turtle, magician, and even the spectre of Death himself.  

The main focus of the game seems to be top down action combat with an easily switchable class system.  In fact, the trailer shows a quick glimpse of a quick-swap class selection wheel with eight classes, while displaying an even larger class tree on the side.  As with other RPG’s, it seems like your class will determine your weapon and powers: a ranger will have a bow, a robot will have missiles, etc.  

The “twist” behind the gameplay system is your ability to combine multiple classes into one.  If you want to be an egg wielding robot missile powers, you’re free to do so.  A bow wielding horse?  No problem.  In addition to being used in combat, it appears that this class combine ability is also useful to solve puzzles and quests: a short clip shows a ranger using a giant key to shatter a gate. 

So far, the game is announced for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.  It will feature online coop.

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