Sci-Fi RPG Encased Will Be Releasing Later This Year

Prime Matter’s Upcoming Sci-Fi RPG Confirms Its Release For Later This Year

Dark Crystal Games is a Russian independent developer that successfully launched Black Tower as its debut and has been working on Encased ever since. Their partners in this venture, Prime Matter, is a member of the Koch Media Group that is dedicated to providing different video game experiences in different styles and forms. The collaboration has led to the upcoming release of Encased. Encased, an upcoming isometric dystopian sci-fi RPG, will release on 7th September 2021 for PC.

In Encased, players will be stuck in the Dome, a wasteland that has a ton of cool, innovative technology, but one that is also filled with deadly enemies. Encased is set in alternative 1976. Players can choose from one of five disciplines namely science, engineering, security, management or convict. The choice of discipline affects players statistics, specialization and leads to different results over the course of the game including dialogue changes.

Players will meet different factions along the journey, and can either make them an ally or an enemy. As an RPG, players will be able to explore, fight and complete quests as they search for weapons and supplies across the dreary and hostile environment.

The game has drawn inspiration from post-apocalyptic RPGs, books such as Roadside Picnic and will appeal to new fans of RPGs as well as veterans looking for a nostalgic experience.

Interested fans can pre-purchase the game for USD$30 or wishlist it here. The game will also be available on the Epic Games Store and GOG. The game is currently in early access, which allows players to enjoy the First Act and part of the Second Act.

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SOURCE: Press Release