Supernatural Roguelike Midautumn is Coming to Kickstarter in September

A Lot of Stuff Coming in September, Actually

We’ve got an update on the Asian diaspora-themed spooky dungeon crawler/roguelike Midautumn coming straight from Devcom. Not only have the developers shared a short Kickstarter trailer, but they’ve also nailed down a release date for the Midautumn Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign will begin at the same time as the real world Midautumn festival on the 21st of September–you know, for extra thematic weight. Also releasing on the same time day are a brand new animated trailer for the game and a pre-alpha demo, so you can check out what the core of Midautumn’s gameplay is like and make sure you know what you’re getting into.

The new Kickstarter trailer is just under 30 seconds long and features both brief animated sequences and a quick glimpse of the gameplay. It seems to be intended mostly as a hook to draw gamers’ interest, and trust us, it succeeds wildly at that task.

Animated portions appear to show scenes of a mysterious white-haired figure under attack, a series of evil spirits surrounding them, and the game’s protagonist Robin Lam abruptly waking up in bed, gasping for breath. All the while, an echoing voice says “Do you ever feel like you’re living the same dream, over and over?”

After this the music kicks in the trailer switches to showing demo gameplay footage, which involves lo-fi pixel art graphics, visual novel-style dialogue sections, and fast-paced combat. The implication seems to be that the white-haired figure is Robin as they appear in the Spirit World–which they’ll be doing a lot of in the game since they need to go there regularly and fight to keep the Spirit World’s denizens from emerging and wreaking havoc.

As the Kickstarter date looms nearer, we’re getting more and more excited to see what else Midautumn has in store for us. This is one indie roguelike you won’t want to miss.

Midautumn will arrive on Kickstarter on September 3rd, 2021. You can wishlist it on Steam now.

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