Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha Starts Now: Top 10 Tips To Survive Champion Hill

Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha Has Begun

Starting today to August 29 at 10 AM PT, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners can jump into the Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha.

It is intended to be a limited showcase of the game’s full multiplayer component. The Alpha features a brand-new mode to Call of Duty known as Champion Hill, and gives a preview of what is to come for the game’s Multiplayer reveal on September 7, as well as the Beta following that announcement event.


Here are 10 essential tips to help you survive and win Champion Hill: 

1. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork. Quite possibly the most important tip for Champion Hill, Duos and Trios matches are not won by lone wolves. Use text and voice communications to keep the squad informed on enemy locations and team strategy.

2. Airfield — Control Tower Power. The Extra Life Token on Airfield spawns on the North Control Tower; getting to it requires climbing up a ladder. While on this ladder, it is possible to use a Pistol to defend yourself, which may be necessary if an opponent draws near.

3. All Maps but Airfield — Bull’s-eye. All but one map has an Extra Life Token right at its center. That means plenty of potential for crossfire. Coordinate with squadmates before making a dash for an Extra Life.

4. Dash for That Cash. Eliminations are not the only way to earn Cash; look for bundles of $100 strewn about each map and, if your squad has the maximum amount of lives, pick up that Extra Life Token for a $750 bonus.

5. Loadouts: Know Thyself, Thy Enemies, and Thy Squadmates. Winning Champion Hill comes down to Loadout building just as much as a squad’s skill in combat. But don’t just focus on your own strengths – consider what other Operators are adding to their Loadouts and work with your Duo or Trio to build a Loadout combination that can counter your rivals and put you atop Champion Hill.


6. Struggling to Survive? Focus on Weaponry. Those who struggle to survive earlier rounds should try to either upgrade their starting weapon, or purchase and invest attachments into one they are more confident with, such as a shotgun or LMG. Weapon and attachment upgrades, especially the more expensive ones, often translate into more immediate power spikes, which can be important in those first few skirmishes.

7. Remember Those Grenades. Even the best Operators forget that their Lethal and Tactical Equipment are there for supplemental damage and disorientation. Use them in tandem with weapons to maximize your chances of winning engagements. Try opening up a battle with a well-placed stun or heave a Frag across the map to where an enemy is hiding to catch them by surprise.

8. Perk Up. Perks are real value play; for no more than $1,500, you get a passive benefit like additional movement speed, extra Lethal Equipment, or even a “sixth sense” of vision pulses when enemies see you. Consider them during Buy Rounds and reap those benefits for the rest of the match, especially in the lead up to the final round.

9. Elite Strategy: Punch Above Your Weight. Confident that you can beat a squad of enemies that are showing up to battle with fully-loaded Epic or Legendary weapons? Focus on adding more one-time permanent purchases like Perks and Grenades to your Loadouts; when that enemy and their squad is eliminated from the match, they will drop their powerful weapons, which can be picked up and permanently kept in your Loadout. Just weigh the risk of using a “weaker” weapon against a more “powerful” one that will soon be yours.

10. Total WWII-Era Destruction: V2. Earning a V2 Rocket requires an individual Operator to earn tens of thousands in Cash, saving it for this guaranteed victory over upgrading their armaments as frequently as their opponents do. If you want one, keep deaths low, pick up as much Cash as possible, neutralize enemies early — for First Blood bonuses — and often, and be sure to win rounds and totally eliminate squads for large Cash bounties.

One last note: on Champion Hill, honors are given out to the top-three squads, not just the sole survivors. Even though all squads should shoot to become the one championship team, those who finish second or third should still consider their efforts a victory – it counts in the Combat Record as one, so give yourself and the squad credit for being a first or second runner-up, then get back into Champion Hill and fight to become the true victor.