Halo MCC Season 8 Flight Coming Out Next Week, Major Updates Announced

First Hints of Season 8 Halo MCC

As the Halo MCC Season 8 first flight is nearing official release, the Halo Devs have released a list of planned features they hope to include.  In the list are some hefty updates to Halo 3, as well as some minor content updates aimed towards Halo: CE and Halo: Reach.

It’s especially impressive that Halo devs are updating the Halo MCC this far after release, especially given that a majority of the original games are more than a decade old.  Still, there are a few updates for all the games.  First, there is the usual addition of customization options, including more nameplates.  In addition, more accessibility features and file sharing will now be added for all games.

A big update is the addition of the custom game browser to Halo 3 and Halo: Combat Evolved.  In addition, there will be a whole host of cosmetics added to Halo 3 – new armor, weapon skins, visors, and more.  Also, you will be able to collect new campaign collectibles in Halo 3, as well as select vehicle and weapon skins in the campaign.  Finally, the remake of the Halo 2 map “Turf” will be added to Halo 3 as “Icebox.”  

There will also be a few firefight updates to Halo: Reach to add “voice previews, more granular body type and voice.”  On a similar note, the Halo 3: Firefight will have its wave customization options updated to be more similar to that of Halo: Reach.  You can also now link your Steam account on your player profile in game so that you can see Steam friends.

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