SOEDESCO Teams Up With Red Martyr Entertainment on Psychological Horror Game Saint Kotar

Two Godly Men Must Find Their Humanity

The news is in: SOEDESCO has officially partnered up with Red Martyr Entertainment to release the upcoming psychological horror adventure game Saint Kotar, a chilling tale of faith, madness, and the occult. This story-driven point-and-click adventure indie game takes place in a world based on a real region of Croatia, where a woman has disappeared. Players will take on the roles of Benedek and Nikolay, two men who venture out into an ancient rural town to search for her. What they find is an unsettling, mist-filled town haunted by macabre murders and strange phenomena, surrounded by rumors of devil worship and witchcraft. That sounds straightforward enough, but the teaser trailers released so far appear to be questioning who, exactly, is the real monster of this story. Take a look.

The game has now entered alpha stage, meaning that the base build is complete and playable. Not all of the side tasks have been added in yet–and as Saint Kotar will be a story-driven branching narrative, side tasks are very important–but the entire critical path is already done. The soundtrack is completed, the characters are implemented, and while the developers still intend to do some more visual tweaks to get the game’s look just right, it can’t be denied that the title is coming together quickly. SOEDESCO has previously worked on several other horror titles, including Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Monstrum, so they can put that experience to work with Saint Kotar.

Game features include:

  • Delve into a psychological horror point and click adventure
  • Live the game’s branching stories and influence the game’s ending
  • Experience the dark world through its hand-painted graphics and fully voiced narration
  • Alternate between two protagonists and affect both their stories and the fate of other characters with your actions

Saint Kotar will be released on PC and consoles at a future date.

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