Kotaku Trending on Twitter for Bashing XCOM Legends

XCOM Game That Looks Nothing Like XCOM

Late Monday night, Kotaku released an unorthodox review of the new XCOM mobile game known as “XCOM Legends”.  The original review’s headline outright called the game ‘shit’, and only a couple of hours later after the Twitter backlash, Kotaku decided to change the headline.

The review backed its original headline on the basis that the mobile game resembles nothing of the original XCOM brand, and lacks any of its combat style and character design.

“This isn’t a turn-based tactical shooter. There aren’t maps to explore. There’s no flanking, no base management, and everybody looks like their new Overwatch characters.” The review described the game.

Kotaku ended up trending on Twitter for what has been described as an “unprofessional” review, that doesn’t live up to Kotaku’s reputation or common journalistic standards.

The headline was so bad, it grabbed the attention of industry leading journalists such as Nick Calandra, Editor in Chief of Escapist Magazine, commenting on how the review resembles the industry notorious toxicity problem as a whole. 

Another hot-take from Actor/Director Stephen Ford, highlights the need for “clickbaits” and the endless chase of it gives a bad reputation to journalism, and overthrows the work of all the honest people in the industry.

Kotaku, later on, offered some sort of an apology publicly stating that it realizes that a soft launch of a game doesn’t necessarily reflect the end product and is common in mobile gaming space, and ended up changing the headline of the review. The headline of the review is now set to  “XCOM Game That Looks Nothing Like XCOM

It’s been said that “any press is good press”, but the tarnishing brand of a long-standing establishment may be too high of a cost. What do you think, was the original headline a deal-breaker to you? Let us know in the comments section below!