Bright Memory: Infinite Is a Free Upgrade For Owners of Bright Memory

Remember Bright Memory?

Bright Memory: Infinite has the look of a promising mash up between Call of Duty and Devil May Cry. A Devil May Duty, if you will. It is a fast paced, first person shooter/hack and slash game set in what looks like feudal-era Japan, but is populated with modern/near-future soldiers and demonic enemies.

Bright Memory: Infinite

In 2020, Bright Memory, or Bright Memory: Episode 1, came out on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It received mixed reviews with praise for its high-quality/low price gameplay, but drew criticism for its short length and poor translation. Bright Memory: Infinite is an upgraded, expanded version of last year’s release.

According to the developer FYQD-Studio, the action and gameplay from Bright Memory will remain, but the story and levels are being reworked. What’s more, current owners of Bright Memory (Episode 1) will be upgraded to Bright Memory: Infinite for free. However, no word on if the same free upgrade applies to owners of the Xbox Series X|S version.

The original Bright Memory is priced at under $12 on Steam, so Bright Memory: Infinite probably won’t have the same price tag as a AAA title. Hopefully, that encourages more Xbox Series X|S players to try it when it comes out.

It probably will not be long before we get an update on what exactly players can expect. FYQD-Studio and publisher Playism are expecting to release Bright Memory: Infinite sometime in the remainder of 2021.

Bright Memory: Infinite will be coming out this year for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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