Halo Infinite Beta Coming Very Soon – According to 343

The Wait Is Almost Over

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal
Source: Halo Way Point

If you are itching to try out the upcoming, long awaited Halo Infinite game, you are in luck. 343’s Community Manager John Junyszek announced outright on Twitter that the next Halo “Inside Infinite” blog post is going to mainly address Halo Infinite’s flighting.

It is now suspected that the blog post coming out on July 29th, will have the exact details and dates for the first flight, which has been previously confirmed by 343 to start this summer.

The comment on Twitter came in response to false reports that 343 has been sending out early invites for the flighting program to Halo streamers, when in fact, it has not. 

According to Brian Jarrard, Community Director at 343, the emails that were sent out were mere reminders to the community to sign up for the flighting program. Also the emails are meant to be a word of caution to those who thought they had originally signed up already, when in fact they missed out on a number of required information on the sign-up forms.

The announcement came as a glimmer of hope to the franchise’s community which has been waiting for the game for years after a series of delays. It seems as though the delays are over, and the game will soon be in the hands of every Halo fan, new and existing.

So gear up Halo fans, and get ready to start what is now promised to be the next 10 year journey. If you want to join in on the fun early and help test out the game, head over to http://haloinsider.com/ to sign-up.

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