Valve Are Scheduled To Appear At E3 For The First Time Since 2012

Will We Finally See Half-Life 3?

With E3 just around the corner, the gaming sphere has been rife with speculation over what we’ll be shown and who will be bringing their upcoming projects to the presentation. Between the frantic expectation of the Switch Pro’s announcement and the possibility of a glimpse at Elden Ring, whatever happens there’s sure to be some disappointment among fans. A recent announcement is sure to drive even more speculation as we rapidly approach the online conference: Valve will be giving a presentation during the E3 PC Gaming Show.

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We don’t know much about what Valve has up their sleeves for now, but this announcement marks a momentous occasion in E3 history – the last E3 conference Valve deigned to attend was way back in 2012, though their presentation drew plenty of criticism at the time for focusing more on their distribution service Steam than any upcoming or theorised games, like the still-unreleased Left 4 Dead 3. Of course, any Valve presentation will be subject to plenty of Half-Life 3 speculation – but with the recent success of the in-depth VR shooter Half-Life: Ayx, we could see an increase in demand for a sequel to that spinoff instead.

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However, there are a few things we have some evidence for at the upcoming event – Valve themselves have announced that they’ll be discussing the upcoming Steam Next Fest, a celebration of PC gaming due to start on June 16. When it comes to less official speculation, rumours of the ‘Steam Pal’, a portable gaming PC that Valve have been building in secret, have been corroborated by a number of sources. However, with the description of the presentation being changed from the much broader statement of “regarding Steam” to “regarding Steam Next Fest”, a reveal of a new Valve gaming PC may just be wishful thinking.

Valve will be making their presentation as part of the E3 PC Gaming Show on June 13, at 2:30 PM PT.