Turtle Beach And Neat Microphones Unveil King Bee II XLR Microphone

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Turtle Beach Corporation is one of the most popular video game accessory brands in the world and has pioneered the industry with its excellent products at a wide range of prices and its high quality, that have been used at all levels including eSports events. Turtle Beach headsets are innovative, comfortable and high quality while Roccat, a company under its umbrella, is a leading developer of mice, headsets, keyboards, mousepads and other computer and gaming accessories. Additionally, Neat Microphones falls under the Turtle Beach brand as a company that creates high quality USB and XLR microphones for gamers, streamers and professionals alike. Today, Neat Microphones in collaboration with Turtle Beach, unveiled the King Bee II analogy XLR microphone, the long-awaited successor to the award-winning King Bee. Turtle Beach acquired Neat Microphones in January and have been excited to launch this product to the world. The King Bee II launches at participating retailers in Europe and North America this summer and will retail at USD$169.99.

The King Bee II offers outstanding versatility and quality, so whether you are a streamer, podcaster or musician, you will be satisfied with the microphone. Vocals, drums, acoustics and more all sound excellent using this microphone and voiceovers, spoken word and streaming content sound crisp. The King Bee II is fueled by powerful design, Class A electronics and a condenser microphone capsule to capture as much as possible.

Skipper Wise, founder of Neat Microphones, had this to say on the product’s quality, “As a musician and recording artist myself, I can tell you first-hand that the King Bee II is unsurpassed in the sheer quality and performance of its recordings for the price. Our team – the same group that founded Blue Microphones and has been a pioneering force in microphone development for over 30 years – has been laser focused on ensuring our 2021 products improve on those that came before them, and that we are once again redefining the level of quality and performance in microphones at multiple price points”

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SOURCE: Press Release