Season 4 Content Update Shakes Up Call of Duty: Warzone Meta

Shake Up

Call of Duty: Warzone, currently developed by Raven Software, has seen quite a few meta changes over its lifespan, whether it be the initial M4/RPG combo to the Bruen and even the much hated AUG/M16 meta. Most recently, the Amax assault rifle was the primary weapon found in loadouts across the game, along with an SMG of choice, as there were many to choose from. In the game’s latest update, the loadout configurations of players were thrown into a whirlwind as new weapons, buffs and nerfs to different attachments have led to a serious change in the meta. In Season 4, besides the weapon changes, there were new modes added, new events, points of interest across the map and a fresh battle pass for players to unlock weapons, skins and more. Furthermore, there were some bug fixes and quality of life adjustments such as the floor loot being adjusted and the spawn rate for self-revive being reduced.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The new weapons introduced in the patch are the MG 82, C58, Nail Gun, Mace, Baseball Bat and the OTs 9 submachine gun. Besides the introduction of the new weapons, there were adjustments made to a plethora of guns to make some more viable and nerf others. Namely, the CR-56 Amax damage multiplier was reduced from 1.2 to 1.1 which affects its long-range viability and time to kill. On the other hand, the Groza, XM4 and AR Golf were increased in several departments. Various submachine guns, especially the Milano, were adjusted to improve them. At the moment, the submachine guns are in a great place, with many of them being usable including the Bullfrog, Cold War MP5, Modern Warfare MP5, Mac-10 and potentially the Milano as of this update.

Furthermore, with changes to the attachments of weapons, the Krig and other Cold War assault rifles have become ‘laser beams’ with reduced recoil and improved optics to ensure that long-ranged fights are much easier.

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