Valorant Hits 14M Active Monthly Players And Officially Heading to Mobile

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Valorant is a competitive 5v5 character based strategy and tactical shooter by Riot Games that celebrates its one-year anniversary today following its release on 2nd June 2020 as a free to play game. Riot Games, founded in 2006, is the developer and publisher of incredibly popular games such as League of Legends, its studio debut, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Valorant was initially considered a hybrid between Counterstrike and Overwatch as it offered graphics, gameplay, skills, abilities and characters that amounted to a fusion between the two games. Notwithstanding the comparisons, Valorant has solidified its place in the FPS genre as it offers high-fidelity gunplay, diverse weapons, unique agents, well-designed maps which are all boosted by features including great server quality and infrastructure and proprietary anti-cheat technology. As Valorant hits its one year mark, Riot Games have announced that the game is set to expand on to mobile platforms with Valorant Mobile. Riot Games were also proud to state that the game has officially hit 14m active monthly players.

Astra Valorant promo art

Thus far, Riot have provided no further information on the game including beta and release dates. However, Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant outlined the company’s goals stating, One of our top goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community, and to prove to them that VALORANT will always uphold the fundamentals of a truly worthwhile competitive tac-shooter…To see our growing player community recognize and appreciate what we’re trying to do with VALORANT is beyond what we could’ve expected and we’re thrilled to soon offer the same competitive VALORANT experience to even more global players.” 

Besides the active playerbase and the port over to mobile, Valorant has made a serious statement in eSports industry with the Valorant Champions Tour. Over the weekend, in Iceland, the second major event culminated with a final between Sentinels and Fnatic. The viewership blew pass expectations as it garnered more than one million concurrent viewers and an average minute audience of eight hundred thousand.

To celebrate the progress made, throughout the month of June, Valorant players will be given rewards, swag, player cards and more to commemorate the milestone in the game’s history.

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SOURCE: Press Release