For Honor, Darkest Dungeon And More Come to Xbox Game Pass In June

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The Xbox Game Pass has been consistently increasing in popularity given the consistent updates and content being brought to the platform, as well as the cross-play features and low price of entry to both the ultimate and standard edition. Every month, Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios endeavors to release content on the platform to ensure that fans are consistently happy with their decision to renew their subscription. Already, the platform has a host of top tier AAA games and indie titles, whether popular or not including Halo, Age of Empires, Minecraft, Necromunda: Hired Gun, Star Wars, Biomutant and more. In June, the team at Xbox intends to continue the trend of bringing top games across to the platform and have announced various upcoming titles that will launch over the course of the month.

Megan Spurr, Community Lead for the Xbox Game Pass, noted that there was no teaser available concerning the upcoming showcase between Xbox and Bethesda Games scheduled for 13th June. However, the upcoming releases for June are sure to keep players excited and busy! The games include Wild at Heart, For Honor, Backbone and Darkest Dungeon. Wild at Heart, available now, gives players the opportunity to explore a beautiful, charming world full of secrets and puzzles. For Honor on the other hand is a medieval fighting game with multiple modes which releases on 3rd June for both Cloud and Console. Backbone releases on 8th June on the platform and follows a Raccoon detective through dystopian Vancouver, BC in a post-noir adventure. Finally, on 10th June, Darkest Dungeon hits the platform as a very popular roguelike turn-based RPG where players must lead various teams through crypts, forests and more.

Besides the major title releases, the Xbox Game Pass offers a plethora of content for users in various video games from DLC to updates and rewards. The content includes a 10% discount for Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood expansion, Knockout City Season 1 and the Black Desert: Great Expedition Update. Furthermore, owners of the Ultimate Game Pass will receive perks for their favorite video games.

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