Ride In Style With Final Fantasy XIV’s Latest Twitch Collaboration

Let’s Get Chocobo Racing

Final Fantasy XIV has firmly established itself as a powerhouse of the MMO world – spanning the life of at least three consoles and currently gearing up for the release of its 4th expansion, FFXIV’s deep story and engaging gameplay have brought tens of thousands of active players to Eorzea in the quest to defeat the Garlean Empire and their dark allies. Now, Square Enix’s Business Division 5 are teaming up with the streaming giant Twitch to provide unique rewards to subscribers.

Final Fantasy IV Stormblood

The promo event involves using Twitch’s gift subscription service, which allows viewers and streamers to purchase subscriptions for audience members. These subscriptions can be distributed as you wish among the viewers of one or more channels, but the in-game items on offer can only be claimed once per Twitch account.

There are two items available through the promotional event – if you purchase 1 gifted subscription, you’ll be given a hundred Deluxe Heavenscrackers – items that’ll let you set off explosive fireworks displays with the potency of two regular Heavenscrackers. Four gifted subscriptions, meanwhile, will give you an item that’s certain to be highly sought after among players – a whistle that’ll allow you to unlock the Fat Black Chocobo mount.

Final Fantasy XIV Update

The gifted subscriptions can’t be on just any old Twitch channel though – only gifting subs to a select few streamers during Final Fantasy XIV streams will make you eligible for the reward items. There are plenty of streamers participating in the event, including FFXIV streamers Speakerofhydaelyn, itmeJP and Inochifantasy alongside many others – you can check out the full list on the Square Enix website in the source link below! Gifting subs on these channels will send a code for whichever items you’re eligible for to your Twitch account, whether you’re an active subscriber or not.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Twitch promotional event will be running from today until August 24th.