E3 Trailer Shows Off Detective Thriller Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Detective Mode

The Sherlock Holmes character has become famous across various artforms especially in the cinema and TV series arena as it follows a fictional private detective who is known for his proficiency in observation, deduction and much more. Furthermore, his charismatic, fun personality lends itself to great storytelling and an engaging story, with various plot twists along the way. At E3, it was officially announced that the Sherlock Holmes franchise will debut in the video game industry sometime in 2021 on the next generation consoles, that is the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S as well as on PC via Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store. The game, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, is currently available to be added to the wishlist on all major platforms.

In Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, the legend of Sherlock Holmes begins with the player, so the story can be considered a prequel to the more infamous journeys of the detective. In this game, players will take the role of a young Sherlock Holmes who is eager to prove himself. To do so, he heads off to the Mediterranean Shore where his mother died and takes the opportunity to solve the murder. In the underbelly of the otherwise beautiful island, Sherlock Holmes will discover corruption, injustice and a lack of morality that will be true stumbling blocks on his road to justice. Players will have the option of choosing to use their wit to avoid combat or use brute force to solve any issues. The choice is always in the hands of the player to determine their best option in any situation.

The features of the game thus far include a wide variety of areas in the city to investigate, various weapons to utilize and many twists and turns in the story that are guaranteed with any journey as Sherlock Holmes.

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