Call of Duty’s Los Angeles Thieves Adds John To Its Roster


The Call of Duty League recently completed Major IV wherein Atlanta Faze, with its sub duo Simp and Abezy along with its top tier ARs Arcitys and Cellium, won the Championship against Dallas Empire, led by Crimsix. The Call of Duty League is the official eSports tournament for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and features twelve teams with four players in the starting lineup. Major V is up next followed by the Grand Championship. At Major IV, the players were finally able to shift back to LAN from online play due to the lessened impact of the pandemic on the country.

At Major IV, the Los Angeles Thieves, owned by Nadeshot, was expected to do quite well as it had a major roster change and consisted of TJHaly, Slasher and Kenny, veterans on LAN, as well as Huke, often considered to be a generational talent and last year’s champion. However, at Major IV, it was uncovered that Huke, due to an error in his name, was unable to complete the requirements for his Covid tests and so, was replaced by Drazah. For the upcoming Major V, the Los Angeles Thieves has made two roster changes, in that John, a dynamic sub, has been brought into the team, along with Drazah, while TJHaly and Huke have been dropped.

John ‘John’ Perez is a Black Ops 3 World Champion and his consistent efforts in the CDL Challengers have earned him a place in the LA Thieves lineup. Thus, the team has confirmed that the lineup heading into Major V is Kenny, Slasher, Drazah and John. The LA Thieves has unfortunately become known for its roster changes in the season thus far from Temp to TJHaly to Vxnom as well as the major purchase of Huke, who is now dropped. Regardless of the past performances, the team looks forward to Major V with the new lineup. The question is whether it will be enough to compete against the likes of Dallas Empire, Atlanta Faze, Optic Chicago, Toronto Ultra and the New York Subliners, among other teams.

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