What is Project Dragon, IO Interactive’s Mysterious New IP?

Here’s What We Know About the Game

Xbox may not have set the world on fire with its technological advances this generation compared to the PS5, but that doesn’t mean it’s down for the count. far from it. Microsoft is still one of the world’s biggest companies, so while they’re not investing as much in things like haptic feedback, they’re making up for it by purchasing some big IP’s or even entire companies, like Bethesda.

According to reports, their latest IP is the mysterious Project Dragon, being worked on by Hitman and Project 007 developers IO Interactive. What facts we know so far can be counted on one hand – or even one finger. The game is a fantasy-themed RPG. We have no other hard details, but IO Interactive’s careers website previously featured a job listing for a new AAA project worked on by a team called Dragon.

Of course, RPG’s are a common enough genre, and fantasy is a staple setting for it. Even one of the first Xbox Series X games announced, Fable, is a reboot of the beloved franchise, and Xbox’s purchase of Bethesda likely means that future Elder Scrolls games will be exclusives – time or otherwise.

What is worth noting is that rumours have been flying for months now that Sony is looking at purchasing Square Enix, developers of Final Fantasy. After all, both Final Fantasy VII Remake and the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI are exclusive to PlayStation consoles, Perhaps Microsoft want to do something big and bold to counter Sony? After all, apart from the aforementioned Fable, it looks like Sony are once again winning the war when it comes to upcoming exclusives. The right game is enough to drive players of another console mad with envy – could Project Dragon be one such game?

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