Eerie Pencil-Drawn Horror Game Mundaun is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

It Also Has a Deeply Unnerving Accolades Trailer

The critically acclaimed, hand-drawn, folklore-inspired horror indie game Mundaun is coming back on a brand new platform. As of today, you can be transported to one-man studio Hidden Fields’ lovingly crafted rendition of the Swiss Alps on Nintendo Switch. This game puts players in the shoes of Curdin, a young man who travels to the titular Mundaun, a dark, secluded valley in the Alps, in order to uncover the truth of his grandfather’s death. He ends up confronting the malevolent entity that dwells there, haunting the remaining inhabitants. It was Swiss programmer and illustrator Michel Ziegler’s first full-length game, and while we weren’t completely sold on Mundaun’s pacing, this title is definitely worth a look, especially from Switch owners. This accolades trailer does an excellent job of showing off the beautiful pencil graphics and unsettling atmosphere.

“I am humbled by the incredible response Mundaun has received since we released the game, and I am delighted to finally bring the game to Nintendo Switch,” said Hidden Fields founder and developer Michel Ziegler. “It certainly has been a journey to share Mundaun with players worldwide, and I am grateful to MWM Interactive for their endless support along the way. I can’t wait for players on Nintendo Switch to unravel Mundaun’s dark mysteries and experience the game’s hand-pencilled world firsthand.”

Throughout Mundaun, players solve intricate puzzles, learn the valley’s secrets, and gradually become absorbed into the game’s mythology. It comes highly recommended to horror fans, adventure game fans, folklore fans, and anyone who loves games with thick atmospheres and unique art styles. Just be prepared to spend some time on long walks between buildings.

Mundaun is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch.

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