Hand-drawn Horror Mundaun Launches March 16th

Get Ready to Explore the Mountains of Madness

Mundaun may not be a horror game on the scale of The Callisto Protocol or Resident Evil: Village, but as far as upcoming horror’s go, there’s a lot to be excited for. Horror’s a genre that thrives on novelty, and it’s hard to think of something more novel than a hand-drawn game.

The game sees the protagonist, Curdin, traveling to the isolated Mundaun region of the Swiss Alps to investigate his grandfather’s mysterious death. Unfortunately, the residents of the region are being haunted by a malevolent spirit, and are keen to keep their secrets.

The game’s been announced for a March 16th release. We don’t know much about the gameplay as of yet, but we do know that on top of the unique visuals Mundaun will feature what developer Hidden Fields is calling a cause-and-effect fear system which “disorients players when facing dangerous situations.”

Ahead of the release, the mind behind the game – Michael Ziegler – is releasing bi-weekly videos going into the creative process in more depth. The first of these videos dropped today and goes into the process of turning the pencil-drawings into the game, and you can see a glimpse of what we can expect – including a horned figure which could be an enemy of some kind.

Ziegler will go into more detail about the game on his Discord server tomorrow, where he’ll be hosting a Q+A session, and hopefully we’ll learn more about the sort of scares we can expect from the game. Between this and the bi-weekly videos it looks like we’ll be learning a lot about the game in the coming weeks leading up to the game’s release – and while we may not be getting the scariest game of 2020, it looks like we’ll be getting one of the most unique.

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